To be considered, you must pay close attention to the following information.

I am quite selective and all appointment inquiries are reviewed in detail. 

When providing your name, be specific (i.e., not "John" - unless your name actually is John).

Your inquiry must outline the following:​

  • your experience;

  • interests & hard limits;

  • medical conditions (if applicable);

  • verifiable references or screening information;

  • what you would hope to achieve in a session with me;

  • any other information pertinent to your situation; 

  • where you found my ad; and

  • date, time, duration of appointment with a couple options (if different times are available).

Do not forget to provide your location (check my calendar), and be sure to provide a selection of dates and times you are available so that I can see where our schedules align best.

Feel free to add any questions, after you have completed the requested information.

*Any individual of the correct mindset, will understand the importance of properly answering my questions, before hoping I might entertain his.

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