Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rachel Blaq, your Mistress. A passionate practitioner in the art of seduction and female ascendance with a deliciously exquisite sexual appetite.


Of Scandinavian descent and in the prime of my early 30's, I stand a statuesque 5'11 in stocking feet and easily 6'4 in heels. I am fortunate to have lived, loved, and lost and learned a great deal from all three.


This endeavour of mine, where you find me, is just as much my escape as it is yours. We both have our separate lives we live yet we find ourselves painfully unfulfilled is certain aspects. It's satiating to be a naughty little secret and I'd hope for you to be mine.

Descriptive terms such as: sensual, feminine, dangerous, exotic, enamouring and elegantly recherché have been cited before and most certainly will be again. I am indeed the film-noir femme fatale in the flesh and seek collaboration with very few exceptional persons who desire to transcend themselves; to experience awareness and ecstasy before escaping within my floating world if only for the moments we are together. Be forewarned, I am addictive and few-and-far-between.

​©2020 by Rachel Blaq all rights reserved.​

On the other side of fear,

lies freedom.

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